The purpose of the NCRIS Groundwater Database is to consolidate and make available the data collected with groundwater monitoring infrastructure.

Funding of $15 million for the NCRIS was announced under the $387.7 million Marine and Climate science budget. The NCRIS funding agreement was executed in December 2009 between the Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research (DIISR) and University of New South Wales with Professor Ian Acworth as Project Director.

The linkage between the NCRIS and the NCGRT is highly beneficial as the NCGRT, funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Water Commission (NWC) has funds that are mostly for the employment of researchers. For this reason, the NCRIS infrastructure sites have been located where NCGRT activity is expected to be at a high level. The NCGRT is based at Flinders University and has University of New South Wales, University of Queensland and Australian National University as major partners.

There are six main groundwater monitoring sites. Further details are available on their respective pages, as listed in the menu above.

With collaboration of expertise from NCGRT Flinders University, Australian National University, University of Queensland and Monash University these sites will be further developed to provide advanced groundwater monitoring sites around Australia.


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