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Devonian age limestone has been folded and faulted and crop out at the well-known caves site 8 km south of Wellington. The funds have been used here to construct infrastructure that can be used to monitor the variation in groundwater recharge from the surface through to the underlying caves. Studies of speleothems can also be used to track long term (1000 year) variation in recharge. Four new boreholes have been installed to complement a small network established in the gravels alongside the Bell River by NSW Office of Water. New drip loggers have been installed in the caves and a climate station built on the surface. Data is available at the web site.

Download station locations for Wellington Caves in the following formats:
Station NameTypeDescriptionStartEnd
Groundwater Bore
Wellington Caves Borehole 1.
2 Sep 2010, 16:3019 Jan 2016, 16:00
Hill Weather Station
Weather Station
Weather station on private land on the hill adjacent to Wellington Caves. Landowner-installed fences may have distorted the rainfall readings.
29 Oct 2011, 16:0025 Mar 2021, 8:00
Caves Hill Bore
Groundwater Bore
The Well
Groundwater Bore
Welling Caves "The Well" water level monitor.
2 Sep 2010, 16:3021 Apr 2015, 10:30
Groundwater Bore
Wellington Caves "Anticline" water level monitor.
3 Sep 2010, 2:3031 Jan 2014, 4:04
Caves Baro
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Reference Barometric Logger
1 Mar 2011, 14:1614 Feb 2013, 12:46
Borehole 273122
Groundwater Bore
Approximate location.
7 Dec 2011, 0:4619 Jan 2016, 16:30

Note: Displayed times are local to the fieldsite.