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Station Name: 18604

Description: 18604 is a shallow piezometer, located in the Woodforde River channel, Ti Tree Basin, NT. No water evident while drilling.

Station Type: Groundwater Bore


bore.casing.elevation.AHD: 588.565

Description: Elevation of Top of Casing in metres (AHD)

bore.casing.depthBGL: 2.4

Description: Casing Depth below ground level in metres

bore.drill.depth: 2.4

Description: Depth the bore was drilled in metres

bore.monument.height.metres: 0.79

Description: Top of Monument from ground level in metres

bore.ground.elevation.AHD71: 587.775

Description: Elevation of ground level in metres (AHD71)

18604 BIR.pdf
Borehole Infrastructure Report 18604

Type: pdf

Size: 337 kb

Uploaded: 2013-02-28